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Bittorrent is a peer-peer protocol used for file distribution. What is good about it is that every downloader also acts as an uploader. The file is divided into smaller sized chunks, each with SHA1 hash. This is great for countering "slashdot effects", downloading the iso images immediately after they are released. I doubt, though, if it is very useful for longer term links...

There are many websites which host the torrent files for movies, music, TV shows, software apps.

It will be a cool project to keep searching for keywords appearing on such websites and automatically download the torrents to browse. May be have RSS feeds based on keywords... Hmmmm...

extended bookmarklets


extended bookmarklets

bookmarklets that I've found to extend functionality


In the scripts that post to your account, you will need to change USERNAME to your own username. I tried to name the
bookmarklets as usefully as possible, so hopefully the link title is appropriate. linkulator

Use this bookmarklet to look at the history for any link you come across
via negatendo. written by Brett O'Connor.
extended post with prompt
This will post the current page to your

account and include in the extended field whatever text you have
selected on the page. If no text is selected, it will prompt you to
enter some.
modified by Seb. orginally posted by Bowen Dwelle.

extended post
This is my slight modification of script from above. It posts to, but it does not prompt you if you have not selected any text. For the most part, I find this more convenient.