Monthly Archives: September 2006

Book Update

Haven't been updating the blog recently... Here are some books I read in the last few weeks...

  • A View from the TOP (Audio Book) by Zig Ziglar. A very good audio programme about achieving significance in all aspects of life - Health, Finance, Relationships, Spirituality. This may be the first time I encountered someone being so open about his religious beliefs in a self-help program.
  • Think and Grow Rich - CoverThink and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill - about creating a burning desire to achieve success and generating ideas.
  • Digital FortressDigital Fortress by Dan Brown - I was fascinated by earlier two books by Dan Brown - Angels and Demons and The DaVinci Code and this one deals with topics that are dearer to me - Security, Encryption, NSA. But I did not find it as gripping as the first two. I was particularly turned off by the concepts (e.g. mutation strings) that the author tries to create for the story to advance, such things just turn the brain off. (That makes me think that maybe I enjoyed the first two books because I do not have any knowledge about the topics of Pope, Illuminati, Christian history)
  • Deception PointDeception Point - by Dan Brown. This was even more boring about a new discovery by NASA, the politics, cover-ups, yawn...