25 thoughts on “श्री व्यंकटेश स्तोत्र

  1. Please tell how to download the lyrics of venkatesh strotra written by Devidas. I am not able to copy and paste it to my word document. Is any specific font is required to copy and paste this to word document. Please help me as early as possible.

  2. i need to download the written version, but cannot do that. i tried cut copy paste but doesnt work as the fonts get totally funny. please advise. or if u can send a word or pdf file by email, i will appreciate

  3. Anyone knows / having vyankatesh marathi stotra by renowned female singer ?
    Mostly by Anuradha Padwal.
    I am searching for it for last 5 years.
    I hv heard it on audio tape around yr 2004.
    I will be obliged.

  4. I appreciate the efforts taken by Mr. Amit for writing and record in such a easy way. I am reading it daily but i am just reading. I would be more happy if I could know what is the meaning of what i am reading like about the Hanuman Chalisa. If anyone or Mr Amit can do a favor and search or mention the meaning it ll be helpful for all of us.
    Dhaval Joge

  5. धन्यवाद, ऑडियो सी डी मिळत नव्हती ,तुमच्या मुळे हे स्तोत्र ऐकता आले,

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