Dnyaneshwari – English transliteration and translation!

Dnyaneshwari - Bhaavarth Diipikaa: a commentary on the Bhagavad Gita

English translation of philosophical part of Dnyneshwari (1290 AD). Dnyaneshwari is a commentary on Gita, written 700 years ago by Saint Dnyneshwar (Jnanesvara or Gnanadeva) (1274-1297). It brings Vedanta and other spiritual philosophies to common man. It explains the various paths a person can take for spiritual progress and ultimate liberation.

Apart from mythical stories, not much is known about the life of Dnyaneshwar and his brothers. Judging purely by their writings, they lead a hard life. In 1296 AD, Dnyaneshwara, aged 25, walked into a stone-walled room in Alandi near Pune. He had it closed and passed away in samadhi (a state of spiritual liberation). The room has not been opened since then and Alandi has been a revered place. None of his siblings were to enjoy a long worldly life either and passed away within months of Dnyaneshwar's samadhi.

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  1. i live in alandi…. & a sadhak of dnyaneshwaris path…. You wrote very good words about saint dnyaneshwar & their devotional, philosophical “Dnyaneshwari”…. If you have more important information about dnyanoba or dnyneshwari pl. send me… i thankful to u…

  2. I write regularly on my blog mentioned below about Sant Dnyaneshwar’s literature or about my Sadguru Swami Swaroopanand’s literature. You may find it interesting. I have written a post about Dnyaneshwari in Oct 09. Please
    go through it & let me have your comments.
    Suresh alias Madhav Ranade.

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