I use as my online bookmark manager. It's so simple to use, yet so powerful. I especially like the capability to post the bookmark to my account using simple javascript bookmarks.

Here are my bookmarks.

These are the good things about this goody:

  • Everything is wide open, with no proprietary crap.
  • Bookmarks are tagged using one or more keywords that you choose.
  • There are tons of autogenerated RSS feeds: for all your bookmarks, for other's bookmarks, for everyones bookmarks, for a particular tag from all , you get the idea.
  • There is a nice API allowing you to use the data as you please (like on a sidebar on your website for starters)

One does wonder about how long a good thing can last for free. Hopefully this will last.

I use the following shell script to regularly backup my bookmarks to an xml file:

umask 077
read -p "Enter your password : " -s pw
curl -u amit:${pw} '' >`date +%G%j%k%M%S`.xml