Rebate tracker use cases

  • Adding a new rebate:
    Step 1 Enter zip code for mailing address (zip+ext)
    Step 2 A list of rebates with same submission zip code is displayed
    Step 3
    Case 1 - Click on one of the links to prepopulate rebate form with entered information.
    (Display Submission address, Contact information, rebate validity, postmark date, expect check date)
    Case 2 - Enter new rebate and capture all information:
    (Product Name*), (Rebate amount*), (Rebate Description*), (Purchase valid from*), (Purchase valid until*), (Must postmark by*), (Expect check in*), (to ) weeks, (Submission address*), (City*), (State*), (Zip*), (Zipext), (Product Website), (Rebate Form URL), (Enquiry Phone), (Enquiry Email), (Inquiry Website)
    Display info as in Case 1.

    Step 4 Get (Purchase Location), (Purchase Date), (Purchase Price), (Date Mailed), (Postage), (Status: one of Mailed, Processing, Approved, Declined, Received, Void), (date Completed)
    Allow user to save/cancel data

  • Change Status of a rebate
    Currently active (status != Declined, Received, Void) rebates are displayed. One of them is selected, display the same data as in Step 4. and allow user to change and save data.
  • Periodic run
    Go through currently active rebates and email reminder for all rebates falling after (mail date + Expect check low)