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What is taking up your Google storage

As you know Google counts your photos, gmail and drive storage as a single bucket now and it is sometimes hard to find where all the big files are. The place to find your current storage is this:

Here are some tips to find the big items from each individual service:

  1. Google drive - Visit and it will open all files in your drive nicely sorted in descending order of their size. Delete / Save off the top few items and you are done.

If you (like me) are logged in to multiple google accounts at the same time and it opens a different account when you visit that link, you can just click on the top right link on the page to switch the google account. You can also access that above link from Incognito browser and use the new credentials on that page.

  1. Gmail - In the search bar type: "size:10MB" or "larger_than:10MB" It will find conversations which consume more than 10 MB.
    There is an undocumented search operator to search for older email, you can try that to find emails larger than 10 MB and older than 1 year "larger_than:10MB older_than:1y"

  2. Photos - If you upload photos at high quality (not original quality!), they are not counted against your quota. Google photos allows unlimited storage for high quality photos! I will update this post to find current photos which are counted against your storage quota.

Sad demise of Narendra Dabholkar

It was saddening to know that anti-superstition crusader Narendra Dabholkar was shot dead in Pune yesterday. Dr. Dabholkar had worked tirelessly in fighting against superstition. He founded the Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti, wrote several books, had given countless talks against these practices and worked really hard in tabling anti-superstition and black magic bill in Maharashtra Assembly.

Here are some videos of Dr. Dabholkar to give a glimpse into his personality and work:

Why doesn't amazon allow me to add a donation to some charity when the items that I want to buy qualifies for "Free super saver shipping", but do not quite add up to $25. It makes me search for some other junk item that I don't want just to qualify for free shipping.

Default file sort order in DOS

This is just a quick tip - I use mp3 players mostly for listening to audio books. So when I rip the CDs, I take extra care to create properly named files. But recently I found out that the new mp3 player I got (Great product BTW to listen to mp3 files in your car FM radio; how can they pack so many features at such a low price?) was mangling the file sequence.

On investigation, I found that DOS sorts file names by creation date/time by default. To fix this problem, all you need to do is cut and paste all the files to a different directory. This probably resets the creation time to current time and the files are then sorted by the filename.