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I use Google Finance to track stock/fund portfolios. Many of these portfolios track some investment policies and I enter the actual trades in there too. But the portfolios keep showing the old (i.e. closed) positions in the table making it look cluttered. I checked on their product blog/forum and this seems to be requested by some people (and ignored). Here is a small bookmarklet which will do this. You will need to drag the link to your bookmarks bar (Tested only with google chrome). Next, when you are on the google portfolio page, just click on the bookmark and it will hide all the closed positions! Woohoo!

Drag this link to Bookmarks bar: GFinance: Hide Closed Positions

P.S. If there is interest, I can turn this into a google chrome extension (greasemonkey) so this gets done automatically when you go to google portfolios page.

9 thoughts on “Google Finance bookmarklet

    1. This should work as-is on firefox with greasemonkey extension…

      Update: Didn’t realize that I just had a bookmarklet. I tested it on Firefox 4.0.X and it works fine without any changes there.

  1. Wow, extremely useful, thank you. I was getting tired of all my closed positions cluttering up my portfolio, and it’s nice that a simple refresh brings them back

  2. This is pretty neat. Now, is there any way we can load the google finance portfolio page, and have the script (bookmarklet) run – , all triggered by a single click?!!

  3. This is terrific…thanks for adding this. A greasemonkey extension would be great. But regardless, thanks!

  4. Drives me crazy that they don’t have a built-in option to hide closed positions. Glad I found this bookmarklet, you deserve a medal!

    Works fine in Safari 5.1.4.

  5. I can’t seem to get this to work in the current version of Chrome (Version 28.0.1500.95 m)—I click the bookmarklet while on Google Finance but nothing happens. Is this still working for others? Thanks.

    1. Hi Mike, haven’t had a chance to check out the bookmarklet for a long time. But just did it after your comment. I think
      the problem might be because of mixed SSL and non-SSL content. I have fixed the bookmarklet to use the correct
      protocol as needed. Please test it out and let me know if that works now…


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