Fix font problems on firefox (or is a marathi news website using unicode fonts. But it does not display correctly on firefox browser. The problem is because of a single HTML div which uses justified font style. It displays correctly on IE (which is why it is not getting fixed) - this could be because of firefox's buggy implementation of "align: justify" or that IE simply ignores that style (likely).

Anyway, here is a javascript one liner that you can bookmark and once the page is loaded, click on it to fix your font problem.

Fix Ma. Ta. -- Drag this link to your bookmarks.

I tried to create a greasemonkey script to do this automatically, but it's not working for some reason...

Update: Apparently it *is* a mozilla/firefox bug open for 4+ years. See here and here.

Update2: Here is a greasemonkey script by Saravana Kumar to fix this issue. Caution: you might want to change the included domains carefully (it by default runs on all http and https sites!)

Update3: Here is my greasemonkey script specific for maharashtratimes. Enjoy!

Update4: (2009-02-16) The original site seems to have removed this style attribute now. So the above post is now only for posterity.

3 thoughts on “Fix font problems on firefox

  1. Pretty precise link! Showed up as first result on my google search for this problem and fixes the Ma. Ta. pages as expected!


  2. **Please do not disclose my email address

    First of all iam very much thanku you for giving Unicode support on fire fox for marathi site.
    I am developing a web site for social cause so please help me to have unicode support on Mozilla on Windows and Linux. Also Give me versions of this Browsers

    **Please do nto disclose my email address

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