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Fun with microsoft “bing”

Bing (the microsoft way of googling information) has gone live today! Seems nice and googly! Had some fun with the search suggestions: type linux in the search box (but don't press enter). Watch all the suggestions 🙂

Seems like they are making AJAX request to http://api.search.live.com/qson.aspx?query=linux every second or so for anything that is typed and it returns those wonderful unbiased suggestions.

It sounds like they are trying to do more than just running the search query, like adding their own interpretation to the query, organizing results, paying you money (i.e. if you buy something using the search links). I haven't seen anything here that Google does not already have (or cannot implement very quickly) i.e. except for the cash-back bait. So let's see how this goes.

Hridaynath Mangeshkar in Los Angeles

Had the pleasure of attending the live concert of Pandit Hridaynath Mangeshkar (Feb 21, 2009). It was a blast - with Panditjee's rendition of the memorable songs that he has composed and sung (in some cases). There were around 400 people attending and still it had a feel of a private mehfil with Panditjee responding to farmaish for most of the concert. He also broke into the background stories of each of the songs and the people behind the magic of them. He also showed his typical tricks like making plenty of fun of the Marathi Mandal's secretary and testing the local singer by starting out the opening lines of the duets in different scales 🙂

Here is a list of all the songs in sequence: (The video links are not the videos from the program, but just links to youtube videos of the same song)

  1. Gagan Sadan Tejomay - गगन सदन तेजोमय (Video)
  2. Tu tevha tashi - तू तेव्हा तशी (Video)
  3. Sarja Raja - सर्जा राजा (Video)
  4. Sunya Sunya Maifilit majhya - सुन्या सुन्या मैफ़िलीत माझ्या (Video)
  5. Ti Geli Tevvha Rimjhim - ती गेली तेव्हा रिमझिम पाऊस निनादत होता (Video)
  6. Jambhul Piklya Zada khali - जांभुळ पिकल्या झाडाखाली (Video)
  7. Yaara Seeli Seeli - यारा सीली सीली (Video)
  8. Gorya Dehavarati Kanti - गोर्‍या देहावरती कांती (Audio)
  9. Ne Majasi Ne Parat Matrubhumila - ने मजसी ने परत मात्रुभुमीला (Video)
  10. Valhav Re Nakhava - वल्हव रे नाखवा (Video)
  11. Daya Ghana - दया घना (Video)
  12. Runu Jhunu Re Bhramara - रूणू झूणू रूणू झूणू रे भ्रमरा (Video)
  13. Sarnar kadhi raN Prabho - सरणार कधी रण प्रभो Video
  14. Shur amhi sardar - शूर आम्ही सरदार आम्हाला Video
  15. Vedat marathe veer doudale saat - बेडात मराठे वीर दौडले सात Video
  16. kevha tari pahate - केव्हा तरी पहाटे (Video)
  17. malavoon taak deep - मालवून टाक दीप (Video)
  18. chandanyat phiratana - चांदण्यात फिरताना (Video)
  19. Mee maj harapun basale - मी मज हरपून बसले (Video)
  20. Jivalagaa - जिवलगा (Video)