एका गोरज घडीला

एका गोरज घडीला
चंद्र आणिला घरात
आणि काजळून गेले
सारे आकाश क्षणात

रातराणीचा सुगंध
साऱ्या गावात दाटला
कसा फांदी फांदीवरी
दंगा वाऱ्याने मांडला

तुझ्या स्वप्नील डोळ्यात
लक्ष चांदणी उत्सव
तुझ्या ओठांनी टिपले
माझ्या डोळ्यातील दव

मागे वळायचे नाही
रागे / धागे जोडायचे फुला
शुभ मुहूर्ताचे क्षणी
दिवा पाण्यात सोडला

कवी – अरुण सांगोळे
गायक – पं श्री सुरेश वाडकर
संगीत – श्रीधर फडके
ताल – दादरा

तेजोमय नादब्रह्म

ऐसे गावे गीत

ऐसे गावे गीत सुस्वरे
ऐसे गावे गीत सुस्वरे
तन मन व्हावे तल्लीन हो
मालकंस हा सुभग सूरमय
रसमय व्हावे जीवन हो
ऐसे गावे गीत सुस्वरे

राग सुरांचे साज लेवुनी
लय तालांची साथ घेवुनी
शब्दही यावे नटूनि थटूनि
अवचित व्हावे मीलन हो

सूर चेतना, सूर प्रेरणा
सूर प्रार्थना, सूर भावना
सुरेश्वराची सूर वंदना
सुखकर व्हावे अभिजन हो

कवी – श्री नितीन आखवे
गायिका – सौ आरती अंकलीकर – टिकेकर
संगीत – श्रीधर फडके

निर्विवाद है, निर्विकार है

निर्विवाद है, निर्विकार है,
निर्विकल्प है, निरामय है
शामरुप है, शांतरुप है,
बोधरुप है, देवरुप है
ब्रम्हराम है, कर्मराम है,
अध्यात्मराम है, कैवल्यराम है
निजानंद है, चिदानंद है,
सदानंद है जो
वोही राम है
ब्रम्हराम है, कर्मराम है,
अध्यात्मराम है, कैवल्यराम है ।।

१)सत्यकी जो देवता है,
प्रेमका अभिधान
श्रद्धकी जो धारणा है,
भक्तीका अभियान
सद् विचार है, सदाचार है,
सद् विवेक है, सद् वचन है
ब्रम्हराम है, कर्मराम है,
अध्यात्मराम है, कैवल्यराम है ।।

२)शस्त्रका संयम है जो,
शास्त्रका अभिमान
प्रिथ्वीकी जो संस्क्रिती,
त्रैलोक्य का अवधान
शूर मन है, ग्यान धन है,
निरंजन है, अमितगुण है
ब्रम्हराम है, कर्मराम है,
अध्यात्मराम है, कैवल्यराम।।

३)दीनका उद्धरण है जो,
परम करुणाधाम
दुष्टमर्दन सर्वजीत जो,
विश्वका विश्राम
तनयोत्तम है, नरोत्तम है,
नृपोत्तम (न्रिपोत्तम) है, सर्वोत्तम है
ब्रम्हराम है, कर्मराम है,
अध्यात्मराम है, कैवल्यराम है।।

कवी – संजय उपाध्ये

Spleeter – Practical use of Machine Learning

Came across this brilliant piece of software called spleeter from Deezer which is a music streaming company.

We all are aware of how modern sound studio recording consists of numerous audio sources - vocals, guitars, piano, bass, drums, other percussions, synths. These sources are recorded separately, edited digitally and mixed together to provide a single recording. The production recording has multiple channels, but these channels are only for spatial separation for audio reproduction (Left, Right, Front, Rear etc.). But once the track is "flattened", it becomes very difficult to separate these sources from the track. This separation has many applications - simplest ones that come to mind are generating karaoke tracks for practicing the vocals or piano track for learning how to play it easily etc.

This is where this new piece of software comes into play! On the outset, it looks like a simple python based software, but it is powered by Google's TensorFlow machine learning framework and it leverages pre-trained models for separating 2, 4 or 5 stems (sources). You just give it the original track and a few command line arguments (basically how many sources do you want to identify) and it gets busy and produces its output.

I just used this on a random audio track (well semi-random, because it has to be an A. R. Rahman track 🙂 ). I thought that the software would not work so well on the heavily engineered and processed soundtrack. But I am positively surprised with the results. Check out how the output looks on 2stem , 4step and 5 stem separation!

(If the embedded players below do not work, click here to go directly to the demo)

Update (July 2021) - I now have a complete website where you can separate tracks yourselves and listen to them. You can also listen to the tracks that other people have separated and shared.

लाभले आम्हास भाग्य बोलतो मराठी

लाभले आम्हास भाग्य बोलतो मराठी
जाहलो खरेच धन्य ऐकतो मराठी
धर्म , पंथ , जात एक जाणतो मराठी
एवढ्या जगात माय मानतो मराठी

आमुच्या मनामनात दंगते मराठी
आमुच्या रगारगात रंगते मराठी
आमुच्या उराराउरात स्पंदते मराठी
आमुच्या नसानसात नाचते मराठी

आमुच्या पिलापिलात जन्मते मराठी
आमुच्या लहानग्यात रांगते मराठी
आमुच्या मुलामुलीत खेळते मराठी
आमुच्या घराघरात वाढते मराठी

आमुच्या कुलाकुलात नांदते मराठी
येथल्या फुलाफुलात हासते मराठी
येथल्या दिशादिशात दाटते मराठी
येथल्या नगानगात गर्जते मराठी

येथल्या दरीदरीत हिंडते मराठी
येथल्या वनावनात गुंजते मराठी
येथल्या तरुलतात साजते मराठी
येथल्या कळीकळीत लाजते मराठी

येथल्या नभामधून वर्षते मराठी
येथल्या पिकांमधून डोलते मराठी
येथल्या नद्यांमधून वाहते मराठी
येथल्या चराचरात राहते मराठी

पाहुणे जरी असंख्य पोसते मराठी
आपुल्या घरात हाल सोसते मराठी
हे असे कितीक खेळ पाहते मराठी
शेवटी मदांध तख्त फोडते मराठी

कवी - सुरेश भट
संगीत - कौशल इनामदार

What is taking up your Google storage

As you know Google counts your photos, gmail and drive storage as a single bucket now and it is sometimes hard to find where all the big files are. The place to find your current storage is this: https://drive.google.com/settings/storage

Here are some tips to find the big items from each individual service:

  1. Google drive - Visit http://drive.google.com/#quota and it will open all files in your drive nicely sorted in descending order of their size. Delete / Save off the top few items and you are done.

If you (like me) are logged in to multiple google accounts at the same time and it opens a different account when you visit that link, you can just click on the top right link on the page to switch the google account. You can also access that above link from Incognito browser and use the new credentials on that page.

  1. Gmail - In the search bar type: "size:10MB" or "larger_than:10MB" It will find conversations which consume more than 10 MB.
    There is an undocumented search operator to search for older email, you can try that to find emails larger than 10 MB and older than 1 year "larger_than:10MB older_than:1y"

  2. Photos - If you upload photos at high quality (not original quality!), they are not counted against your quota. Google photos allows unlimited storage for high quality photos! I will update this post to find current photos which are counted against your storage quota.

Sad demise of Narendra Dabholkar

It was saddening to know that anti-superstition crusader Narendra Dabholkar was shot dead in Pune yesterday. Dr. Dabholkar had worked tirelessly in fighting against superstition. He founded the Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti, wrote several books, had given countless talks against these practices and worked really hard in tabling anti-superstition and black magic bill in Maharashtra Assembly.

Here are some videos of Dr. Dabholkar to give a glimpse into his personality and work:

Why doesn't amazon allow me to add a donation to some charity when the items that I want to buy qualifies for "Free super saver shipping", but do not quite add up to $25. It makes me search for some other junk item that I don't want just to qualify for free shipping.

Quora answers “Brilliant” problem

Came across this question on Quora (Quora is an infinite time sink BTW!) The original question is at https://brilliant.org/i/ge9jJs/

Wonder why people post puzzle-type questions on Quora!

Anyway, the highest ranked answer gives a nice way to approach the problem. I would not be able to think that way and just used the brute-force:
Here is the ruby code to solve it:

def testit(a)
  (x,y,z)= a/100%10,a/10%10,a%10
  return a == x*x+y*y+z*z + 543

q=(111..999).select{|q| testit(q)}

The answer is 2626, the last 3 digits being 626.

HTML5 Up and Running

HTML5 Up and RunningHTML5 Up and Running is Mark Pilgrim's book on HTML5. The entire text of the book is also available at DiveintoHTML5.org. Just like the other books written by Mark (Dive into Python, Greasemonkey Hacks), this book will serve as a very comprehensive introduction to the topic.

The book begins with history of HTML specification starting from conversations on www-talk mailing lists to formation of W3C and to WHAT Working Group. Then it moves on to Feature Detection, high level view of new features - canvas, video, Storage, Web Workers, Geolocation. The next chapter is a dive into details of the Document elements, new semantic elements. The next few chapters cover in detail each of the new features - Canvas, Video & Audio, Geolocation, Local Storage, Offline applications, Form semantics, Microdata. Each of these later chapters can be read stand-alone without depending on others.

There are some open source projects mentioned in the book - Modernizr for HTML5 feature detection, geo.js for smoothing out differences over gelolocation APIs. These pointers should be of great value to developers.

The book website is itself a great study in HTML5 with its very detailed attention to live examples, typography. Great work by Mark once again and kudos to O'Reilly for allowing full version (which is in fact more up-to-date than the printed book) online and also for selling the ebook in DRM free formats!

Disclaimer: I am writing this post as a part of Blogger Review program. I am not being paid to write this review. But I received the ebook free for doing this.

twitter auto refresh

Google chrome - CTRL+SHIFT+J to open javascript console. Type the following line there...

function updateIT(){$('#new-tweets-bar,.new-tweets-bar').click();setTimeout(updateIT, 1000);}updateIT();

Update: Here is a small extension if you are on google chrome (or using Firefox with greasemonkey installed).

Update (2013-01-15): Playing with twitter is a cat and mouse game! Here is what works as of today:

Update (2019-03-22) : To hide promoted tweets use this:


Google Finance bookmarklet

I use Google Finance to track stock/fund portfolios. Many of these portfolios track some investment policies and I enter the actual trades in there too. But the portfolios keep showing the old (i.e. closed) positions in the table making it look cluttered. I checked on their product blog/forum and this seems to be requested by some people (and ignored). Here is a small bookmarklet which will do this. You will need to drag the link to your bookmarks bar (Tested only with google chrome). Next, when you are on the google portfolio page, just click on the bookmark and it will hide all the closed positions! Woohoo!

Drag this link to Bookmarks bar: GFinance: Hide Closed Positions

P.S. If there is interest, I can turn this into a google chrome extension (greasemonkey) so this gets done automatically when you go to google portfolios page.

Book Notes – The Investor’s Manifesto – by William J. Bernstein

Cover Art - Amazon
Just finished reading a book by one of my favorite personal finance authors: William Bernstein. It appears that with every book he writes, he is making them easier to read and addressed to broader audience. In this book, he uses the recent financial "meltdown" as a "teachable moment".

Chapter 1 - A Brief History of Financial Time

  • Throughout history, there have always been providers and consumers of capital; today it is no different.
  • Also throughout history, that capital has taken two basic forms: loans (including bonds) and equity (partnership or stock). The latter has a lower legal standing than the former, and it is thus riskier and necessitates a higher long-term return to attract investors.
  • During times of great social, political, and military turbulence, the prices of both stocks and bonds usually decline precipitously. Most often, this sets the stage for high future returns. Less frequently, however, the losses can be permanent and even total. Financial history demonstrates vividly the fact that just because this has not happened in the U.S. stock and bond markets yet is no guarantee that it might not occur in the future.

Chapter 2 - The Nature of the Beast

(To be completed)


Derek Sivers has a great page on this book. Refer to it for more details. I recommend this book to any investor.

Restoring Send, Menu, Home keys on your HTC mytouch android phone

I had this frustrating experience before on my android phone (HTC MyTouch 3G). This usually happens after powering on the phone after some time, it does not respond to the physical keys like "Send", "back", "home", "menu". The keyboard lock pattern is gone and you just cannot seem to lock the phone and you need to use the dialer application to make a call! The last time this happened, the factory reset fixed it. But it's a pain trying to reinstall all of your apps and settings back on the phone. So this time I was determined to fix this somehow.

I called the customer service and convinced them to ship me a new phone. Which is nice, but I will still need to reinstall all the apps again. I just searched the forums to see if there is a solution and it seems there is! Unfortunately, many people still seem to have the issue, so this hopefully helps someone.

Basically you need to fool your phone to run the setup wizard that is automatically run when you get your phone. Somehow this kicks out the bug that disables these buttons! But there is no way you can find that wizard (maybe it is possible to launch it somehow from the filesystem, but I don't know how to do that). But this is a way to do that:

  • Go to android market and search for the application Anycut and install it. (This application allows you add a shortcut to any activity on the home screen, so it is good to have it anyway.) (Or scan this QR code: Anycut Android Application
  • On the home screen, long press and add  "Shortcuts" to add to home screen. Choose Anycut from the list.
  • Choose Activity and scroll through the long list of activities.
  • Select "Setup Wizard". I had three of them in the list, third one worked for me. (Thanks Mr. Murphy). You might want to try all of them. (First one is for enabling Google Location, second for "Backing up settings to google account and third for Initial Setup)
  • It will prompt you to edit the name of the shortcut, you can just accept the default and select it from the home screen and complete through all the screens (use the same google account as you are using).
  • Your keys should now be magically working!

The problem might be happening because of some hardware issues (bad internal flash?), but its good to know that it's possible to fix it without factory reset.